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Five Sleep Aids You Should Know About

Recent statistics from the National Sleep Foundation estimate the number of people in the U.S. who have a chronic sleep disorder at 40 million. Sleep problems are costly and not good for your health. Luckily there are many sleep aids available that you don’t need a prescription for and are safe to use. If you have trouble sleeping consider trying these recommended solutions:

Nordic Melissa Dream

Melissa Dream is a natural supplement for stress and sleep disorders. It’s made using well known, safe ingredients to calm you down during the day, or prepare for sound, deep sleep. Melissa will make you wake up refreshed and rested, ready to tackle the challenges of the day. For help sleeping simply take 2-3 tablets before bed time.


Melatonin is a hormone that human bodies produces at peak levels throughout childhood until puberty and then it begins to gradually decrease throughout adulthood. Taking a recommended dose of melatonin an hour prior to the desired time of sleep and laying in a darkened environment (or wearing a sleep mask) has shown positive sleep benefits for many. Melatonin is commonly available in 1mg, 3mg, and 5mg dosages with 3mg per night being the typical dosage. It is always advisable to start with smallest dose first to see what is effective and then gradually increase if needed, under the guidance of healthcare practitioner.


Tea is not only tasty and refreshing but it can also help you sleep. A quality cup of decaffeinated tea that contains herbs that help you sleep can get you to bed faster. Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Tea is a well-known brand that promotes sleep another one to consider is Stash Herbal Tea Chamomile Nights.

Sleep Mask

A sleep mask is one of the most cost effective approaches to sleeping better. Unlike teas and supplements it will never run out and will always be there for you to use. The key is to find a sleep mask that blocks out light and is comfortable. The Sleep Master Sleep Mask is light-weight, soft and does a wonderful job keeping the light and helping you sleep.

Sleep Sound Machine

Just like a sleep mask blocks out light a sleep sound machine blocks out sound. If you need to sleep in an environment that has many distractions a sleep sound machine is the solution for you. Some people can’t sleep because there is no sound. The sleep sound machine will offer different sounds from which to choose to help rock and keep you to sleep. The Ecotones Sleep + Sleep Machine has 10 different sounds to choose from and has many positive reviews on Amazon.

You can sleep better by changing your sleep habits, taking a look at your sleep environment and making improvement to it and using one or more of the recommended sleep aids above. If your sleep problems aren’t improving it is important that you seek the assistance of a qualified health care professional. Sleep is important and your health is too!


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